Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year

Here it is. My first finish of 2010. I am participating in the Monthly Dishcloth KAL and this is the first completed dishcloth of the year. It says "Happy 2010" and was designed by Alli . I have two other dishcloths going at the moment and will share photos when they are finished.

I am skipping the whole New Year's Resolution thing. After all, why set myself up for failure, lol. I had "resolved" not to buy any more yarn. Broke that yesterday. I just can't help myself. Hopefully I will do better at the "goals" I have set for myself for 2010. They are:
  1. To knit an average of one dishcloth per week.
  2. To crochet an average of one pair of slippers each week.
  3. To cross stitch at least one ornament per month.
That will be a good start for now. I plan to use as much stash yarn and supplies as I can. Lord knows I have a ton. I'll record my progress here and make lists in the sidebar as I accomplish things. I have kept my goals light so that I will have time to add in other crafts and projects. Hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year =)


I received this wonderful package from Monique between Christmas and New Year's. She read my blog and saw that I was doing more knitting than anything else and sent me a beautiful knitting needle case along with the needles! These will be perfect for scarf knitting! She also sent me one of her beautiful beaded fobs, a bookmark she made and a calendar. I thought the card was also gorgeous so included it in the photo. Thanks for a wonderful gift, Monique =)