Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are the stitched and not yet finished pieces of my Halloween stitching. I suppose I will get around to doing the finishing some day... Just have to be in the right mood.

Next we have the Halloween exchange I sent to Marianne. I am very afraid that the package she sent to me has been lost. Maybe it will come next week.

Here we have some lovely acorns and a strawberry I crocheted for a few friends. Here is the pattern if you feel like making one. They do go very quickly and are very fun to make!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

PS Halloween Exchange with Elisabeth

Pictured above is the amazing package of goodies that I received from Elisabeth! She sent me TWO stitched pieces, an ornament and a fob. The fob even has a French coin inside for weight. How cool is that?! She also sent a few yummy treats and floss tucked into this really neat fabric bag! I plan to use that bag to tote around a tatting project I am working on. And, I have to say I am extremely excited about the postcard! I love postcards and this one is very very special. It is from her husbands collection and is postmarked 1904. The picture is Moulin Rouge!!! I LOVE it!

Above is a photo of what I sent to Elisabeth. I stitched the owl from a Prairie Schooler Halloween leaflet and made it into a pin keep. I love JABC buttons so I added a spooky pumpkin button to make it more festive.

Thank you for such a wonderful exchange, Elisabeth. I hope we get to do it again some time =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Exchange with Becky SC.

Here are the wonderful goodies that I received from Becky SC. for our personal Halloween exchange! I am truly spoiled, aren't I? The treat bag has already come in handy. Right after my hernia surgery I wasn't allowed to carry much so I used this as my project bag =) I already have plans for some of the floss to be used in one of the JBW designs I want to stitch. The little painted can (I sure wish I was that talented!), the wooden pumpkin decoration and the beautiful stitched ornament you stitched for me are on my Halloween tree. I will put a photo of it in a future post. I still have a few things I stitched for myself that I need to do the finishing on, and one more exchange to receive and then there will be pictures.
Here is a photo of the meager offerings I sent to Becky. The ornament is a newer pattern from Trilogy called "Spooky Tree". I added different buttons that what was called for. I really enjoyed our exchange and hope that maybe next year we can do it again =)

Halloween Exchange with Marie P.

Here are all of the wonderful goodies that Marie P. sent to me for our personal Halloween exchange. She embroidered a wonderful Halloween candle mat with cats on it, a stitched floss ring tag with some beautiful floss. I plan to use that for some Prairie Schooler stitching soon! The pot grabbers are great! I have always wanted some and these are perfect! And all of the other goodies are great too and will come in very handy!

But not the cat, of course. That is Sebastian. He insisted on being in the picture and he promised to "act" as casual as he could. He did pretty good, didn't he?

Now, isn't this doll just amazing?! I so love it!!! He is sitting atop one of the speakers for the t.v. I just think it is completely cool how she matched the stitching to this doll! Definitely one of my very favorite things for my Halloween display!

Here is what I sent to Marie. The ornament is from the JCS Halloween issue. As you can see, I have been flitting around to a few different crafts lately. Knit dishcloth, crochet scrubby, wool pumpkin pin cushion stuffed with ground walnut shells. My LNS had these great little kits all made up. All you needed to do is sew, stuff and assemble! So easy even I could do it, lol!

Thank you for such a wonderful exchange, Marie. I love everything, especially that it will coordinate with my Halloween wreath once I get it stitched and put together (maybe next year).