Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fair & Square 4th of July

Here are the squares and goodies that I sent to Darla. She received them yesterday so now I can post photos!!! This was a really fun stitch! The pattern is called "Liberty Ewe" from Crescent Colors. Inside the fabric "firecracker" I put some glittery threads as the "fireworks", and the variegated thread sticking out the top was to simulate a fuse for the firecracker. I think it looked better in my head, but you get the idea.
These are the squares that Darla stitched for me. She does very nice work and I think I need to get busy putting together all the squares I have received so far!

I have a couple of other finishes that I can't show just yet. They are for exchanges ;-)

I have added a new list to my sidebar. "Things I've Learned Since My Husband Left". My husband started a one year remote in Korea in March and I am learning as I go how to fix things, and who knows what else I will learn over the next nine and a half months!

I need to get busy stitching because I have a few more exchanges I need to finish up! Have a great day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'd LOVE to stitch that!

Here are the projects I have recently started. The top right is my Ultimate Needlebook SAL through my LNS. It started last Fall. I started too, but decided I didn't like my fabric, (too light), so I changed it and started over a couple of weeks ago. The finishing class is in July. Think I'll make it?
Top left - I went to a guild meeting in Idaho because they do a lot of fun stuff and I don't want to miss anything. So I bought the newest SAL they are starting right now. "Love & Wisdom" by Drawn Thread. They will stitch parts of it between meetings, and demonstrate some of the stitches at the meetings so it will be lots of fun to do. Of course, I started it right away. Don't want to get behind on anything else, lol.
Center project in the pink binder - The latest SAL though my LNS. It is a French Sampler and it will officially start next week. I went ahead and picked my fabric and threads. Can you tell I was in the mood for PINK?
Right in front - "P is for Paradise". My LNS owner designed this alphabet and I offered to stitch a couple of letters for her. I really need to get my needle in gear because what you don't see are all of the smaller works in progress that are for all of the awesome exchanges I have signed up for. So far, I am keeping up with those. So far...
About the previously mentioned yardwork. I did it myself. Saved some money AND have a sense of pride in the fact that I have not received any yard tickets. I live on a military base and we have standards, ya know (LOL). My goal is to not get any yard tickets while my husband is gone. Now if I could just figure out why I have a pansy plant blooming in my front lawn and not in the flower bed.
Have a great day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fair & Square Round 6

Yesterday I received my squares from Monique. They will make a nice ornament for my Christmas tree, don't you think? I am very excited because she also sent me a counting needle set, made by her. She sells those and many other neat things in her etsy shop. The fabric will be perfect for some over one stitching that I want to do and believe it or not, this is my first skein of dinky dyes thread. I will definately have to find a special project to try it. Thank you so much!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Just Trying To Do My Part, President Bush!

Will you just look at this? Do I have any will power at all? Evidently not. I just had to have these. I hadn't purchased the fabric for "Where My Heart Blooms" so, it's here. I bought fabric and threads for a couple of small projects from "With Needle & Thread". One will be a birthday gift for a dear friend so I had to have that, right? The cool purple scissors are for another gift. The additional Blackbird charts - I looked through the album at the yahoo group site. Need I say more? Oh, and the blue fabric. It is for a major do-over on my Ultimate Needlebook. I will show pictures of that next time. The only mistake I made was in trying to "use what I have" the first time. The fabric was just too loosely woven and I hated how my stitching looked on it. So today I found the perfect fabric and am happily stitching away....

Have a great day!