Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Knitting!

Here is another scarf and hat set for the "Knit One, Give One" charity through my LYS. These sets are really fun and fast. I knit the hat one evening and the scarf the next and all from one ball of Encore Colorspun!

This is another baby gift for the granddaughter of a woman that works with Doug. The patterns were from handouts from my LYS and are great quick patterns. I used Bernat Baby Jacquards and I am pretty sure that I can get two more sets from the same skein!

I had some fun knitting gingerbread for my friend Becky. You can see the photos at her blog because my photos did not come out well. I am working busily on Christmas presents and organizing my yarn. I am planning a HUGE stash busting project of knitting and crocheting for next year. I am really excited about it because I have so many patterns printed from the internet, from magazines and even a few that I have purchased that I really want to make. Everything from Afghans to baby things, kitchen items, slippers, and who knows what else. I have what would equal a room full of yarn and I really need to use it. If any of you have some favorite projects, please tell me about them. I would love any inspiration you have to share.

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Knitting!

Aren't these yarns gorgeous?! At sock club Wednesday night we got to purchase the featured yarn for 15% off. I bought two skeins. The blues/greens will be for the sock pattern we received that night. The peach and variegated sock yarn next to it are for a scarf, and the pink cascade 220 is for another pair of wrist warmers for me! I love pink and really like the pair of wrist warmers that I made myself a couple of years ago.

This was knit for the "Knit One, Give One" charity that my LYS is currently doing. From one skein of Encore worsted yarn you can make one hat and a small scarf. I enjoyed knitting them so much that I am making another set for them. The patterns were given with the yarn from the shop and all you do is knit them. I think that is very nice of them to provide everything.

I am currently working on another baby gift and loads of Christmas goodies so not everything will be pictured here right away. I plan to keep knitting as long as I am inspired to do so. I do have one Christmas present that I need to get stitched so I will do that this week so I can mail it by the deadline.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Knitting Along

I am such a dork! I can never figure out what order my photos are going to show up on this so that I can write about them in the order I made stuff! Anyhow, the bottom photo is a baby gift that I knit for a nice little gal that works at the club here on the base. The patterns are Baby Diamonds hat and car seat blanket from the Fall issue of Creative Knitting and the dreambaby booties are a freebie found here. I started with four skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and it made this set plus the Garter Cuff Beanie in the photo at the top.

Next we have last weeks dishcloth knitting. The light purple cloth is a freebie found here. The scarecrow coaster I knit (middle of next photo) is a pattern from a set by the same designer. I love her patterns and plan to collect them all! The orange, pink, yellow variegated cloth is the standard grandmothers favorite dishcloth and the tree is from the monthly dishcloth group I joined a couple of weeks ago.

I am on a serious knitting binge so there will be lots of knitted and crocheted gifts this year. I have tons of yarn (not counting what I bought today, and last week, oh it's an illness I tell you!) I plan to try using up as much as I can while I feel like playing with it, (and randomly buying more even though I don't need it cause I can't help myself). Have you started to make your list, check it twice, etc? This is the fun part for me. What are you making for Christmas?

Have a great day =)