Sunday, June 22, 2008

HOE LHN Received!

Here is the beautiful pin keep that I received from Leigh. I love this pattern and as you can see, it matches my chair so it will go into the living room. My first LHN piece for the living room too, since I am still working on the flower samplers for my bedroom. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful piece stitched for me. Thank you so much, Leigh, for the extras you sent, too! It will all come in handy and I already have an idea for the pink floss =)
Have a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blackbird Retreat!

Alma from Blackbird Designs came to my LNS this weekend! Here is the table display of items she brought with her to show and talk about. We learned so many amazing ways to use your cross stitch for gift making. It was incredible! You can see that there are notebooks, journals, magnets, tiny pictures, ornaments, etc, shown here. Many items were made from color copies of finished needlework projects. Including our project from day one.
We covered the box in front on the left with a color copy of an old sampler. The stitched piece behind it will line the inside bottom of the box. I have put the photo of the finished project there so you can also see the pin keep which will go inside the box with a beautiful pair of scissors that was also in our kit.

On day two, we learned how to paint and antique a box that will be made into a larger pincushion. There is a photo of the finished project shown with my box. Still need to do the stitching but I hope to have it all done in the next few days so I can post photos of my finished items.

On both days we were treated to wonderful gifts made by our shop ladies and from Alma, too. I did take lots of photos but need to check with folks before putting them on-line. This was my first retreat and I have to say I was so overwhelmed with all the fun that I fell asleep almost as soon as I got home on the first day! I really wanted to try and finish the first project but realized that I fell asleep while stitching and had to rip what I did out. Then I wrote in the little notebook we were given all my notes and memories of the day. I learned so much about putting your heart into your stitching and the many things you can make from one stitched piece. I know there are many technical classes out there where you learn how to make perfect stitches and specialty stitches but this class was very different from that. I learned that you don't always have to finish a project before you can turn it into something wonderful. I hope to share more of those ideas in future posts with my own experiments on my projects.

Have a great day!

Fair & Square Round 7

On Saturday I received these lovely squares and goodies from Annette W. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First PIF

I signed up for my first PIF on Monique's blog and now I get to make the same offer available to my readers. The first three people that indicate in a comment on THIS post that they are interested in participating will get something made by me some time in the next 365 days. In return, you will make the same offer on your blog, thus, paying it forward. This should be fun!
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Exchanges and Computer Issues

The above photo is what I sent to Annette W for the Fair & Square 7 exchange. I stitched part of Country Garden from Blackbird Designs for her.
This is the Prairie Schooler pin keep exchange that I received from Maggie. This time we are sending to a different person that we receive from. I have the stitching complete for the one I am sending but still need to put it together.

I currently have three exchanges that I need to do the finishing work on so I can get them sent out. Once they arrive at their destinations, I will have more photos to share with you. I am hoping that my daughter will let me borrow her camera to take to the Blackbird Retreat this coming weekend. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!

I had some serious computer issues this past week. My poor husband, who is a "Just go stitch and I will take care of this and let you know when I am finished" kind of guy, had to help me over the phone to try and figure out the mess. And me, being a, "What does this button do?" kind of gal, really tried his patience. Especially when I told him that after my phone battery died, I just started pressing the F10 key which did a system recovery......he told me to try F8 and it didn't work so I just tried something else (F10). He wasn't happy because he wasn't sure what that would do and couldn't see it himself. Well, you get the picture. He was frustrated, I was frustrated, but the computer is working now and we have a new security system and I am still trying to figure out how to reload the things that disappeared in the process. I will see what I can figure out on my own before I go asking any more questions. Poor guy needs a mental break, lol!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Freebie Exchange!

The above photos are what I sent to Sharon. I made a needle case for her and inside I put a few pins and a counting needle set. This was my first time to make a counting needle set and I think it is something I would really like to make more of. They really are a useful tool. The design is from Lizzie Kate.
This is the beautiful exchange I received from Sandra in Barbados. The postcard photo makes you wish you could just jump in and visit! She stitched and made a needle case for me from a French design. In her note she told me that "Printemp" means Springtime.

I am off to the Casino for a little mother-daughter time with my daughter so wish me luck!
Have a great day!