Friday, May 21, 2010

Take Time To Knit

Look what I received in today's mail! My drawing prize from BeckySC!! This was her April giveaway and I was the lucky winner! Jeanette Douglas was here for a workshop in March but I was unable to attend. Now I have this lovely project to stitch and it is even more special to me because it came from Becky. She is a very kind and generous person and I am glad to count her as a friend =) Thanks so much Becky!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


"KEMP" stands for Knitting Every Month for other People. I belong to a yahoo group called, "debs_dishcloth_demons". Every month you enter what you made for others into the data base and they have a drawing once a month. I won in March and this is what I received! It's an awesome package of goodies and really made my day =)

Have a wonderful day!

New Books & A Gift

Just look at these beautiful tatted pieces that Jon sent to me! She won my last give-away and sent these as a thank you for what I sent to her. They are truly beautiful and expertly tatted - front side/back side! She has inspired me to try this myself and I will show you pics of my attempts in a future post.

I couldn't wait any longer and had to order Jon's books and some rings to play with! I love the size of the books, very portable. They are well written and have great diagrams. I am really looking forward to tatting with rings too!

Obviously I have been spoiling my self a bit lately. I also ordered this book from Ginny Weathers. It looks like a lot of fun and I think these would make nice gifts too!

I also managed to find a copy of "A Pattern Book of Tatting" and it arrived this past weekend. Can you even imagine how excited I was to find two tatted pieces inside? Needless to say, I was very surprised and thrilled at this wonderful find!

I still have more to post but will do that later. It's lunch time and hubby is on his way home now!
Have a wonderful day =)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long Time - No Post

This is a wonderful gift I received from my friend Kim. She gave it to me last night at the guild meeting. I absolutely love it and wish you all could see it in person!

Here are two bookmarks that I tatted recently. The one on the left is Delphinium from Karey Solomon's book "Tatting By The Book". I love this book and will eventually tat all of the patterns! The one on the right is Gina Butler's pattern before the diagram was corrected. I still think it is a very pretty bookmark and this one went into the mail today to a dear friend.

Here are my class projects from Shuttlebird's Tat Days workshop. Across the bottom is the class "Getting to here from there" taught by Jessica Spaulding. We learned four different methods of chaining - spiral or Josephine chain, Lock stitch chain, S-chain, and the Z-chain. Then we chose a finding and started out own project. I made the bookmark you see with the bead on one end.

On the left is the "Pop/Water Bottle Skirt", taught by Cheryl Birch. This was a bit of a challenge for me. I made my first split chain and split ring with mock picot, and adding beads to a long picot in this project. I must say, I am quite pleased with myself =)

On the right is "Gwen's Angel", taught by Sherry Pence. I learned how to use folded rings and folded split rings on this project. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be and I will definitely tat more of these closer to Christmas. The pattern is available on her blog if you would like to give it a try.

I also took classes from Bina Madden (project not finished yet) and Mary McCarthy (Reading Tatting Patterns). It was a wonderful experience and I started looking forward to next years workshop as soon as this one ended!

I have more to post about but will do so later this evening. I must go cook some dinner for my dear husband, who has absolutely no idea how much I actually spent at the workshop, thank goodness ;) His eyes would pop right out of his head, lol!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I just had to title this post "Wacky Wednesday" because it is very rare that I post two times in one day. I decided it would be easier for me than doing one long post.

The photo above shows my most recent tatting. I tatted this name tag and am quite pleased with how it turned out. Of course, Jane E.'s technique page made all the difference in the world. What great instructions for "Adding a bead to the center of a split ring"! I know I will use this again and again. Thanks Jane =)

You can also see that I started my lanyard with the same thread - Lizbeth Island Breeze in size 20. This was what I started on International Tatting Day. At least now I have enough done that you can see how all the colors look. I really like this thread!

Here is the cross I tatted for my dear mil, Sue. It's the same pattern I used for the green and yellow ones I tatted recently. I just love this pattern! For this cross I used Flora HH in this lovely purple color. I think that brings me up to ten on my 25 motif challenge now. Woohoo!

Now I really need to get back to working on the table favors for Shuttlebirds NEXT WEEKEND!!! I am only a little bit excited, can you tell?

Have a great day!

An Exchange & A Gift

I recently participated in a pin pillow exchange hosted by Becky SC and because I wait until the last possible minute to do any finishing, Carolyn finally received it the other day. I stitched the mini pillow from Bits of Blue by Plum Pudding Needleart for using Lambswool 32 count linen and DMC 115. I really love this combination and plan to stitch the whole set from this chart for myself eventually.

Last week I also had a very lovely surprise in my mail box. This adorable pillow from Sara S. Aren't I so lucky =) I sure think so! She sent this to me because I simply picked up a magazine for her that she was unable to find locally and sent it to her. Someday I am going to have one tree decorated with all these wonderful goodies that I have received as gifts and in exchanges. Thank you so much Sara =)

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy International Tatting Day!

And the winner is.........

***Jon*** of "Jon's Thread Escapades"


Thanks to everyone who entered and to all who read my blog. I will be posting more give-aways this month for my blogiversary. Probably next week. There will be at least on knitting, and one Cross stitch, maybe some beading and crochet too. We'll see what all I can come up with =)

I had intended to take a photo of what I worked on today but it's so dark and to be honest I ate more chocolate than spending time on my tatting. I started the day with chocolate Cheerios for breakfast, and then had two hot chocolates through the day, as well as ate half a dark chocolate bar. I did get a small start on my lanyard but the picture will have to wait until I have more done so it's not so embarrassing, lol!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tatting and Cross Stitch

Today I received the charts I won from Riona. I think that eventually I will stitch all three of them. First I will do the Think Spring chart because that one is my favorite! Thank you so much for sending them to me =)

Here are two more crosses that I have tatted. I find that I am learning something new each time that I tat it so I plan to tat at least one more. I put the first yellow one into my samples book and am keeping it. These two will be flying off into the mail tomorrow along the the one I tat today. These will count as motifs 7 & 8 for my 25 motif challenge. I think that most of my motifs will be bookmarks.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Foolin'

Thursday, April First is International Tatting Day. To honor this day, I would like to offer tatting supplies. The drawing will be held on April 1st and anyone who tats is welcome to enter! The threads are Lizbeth size 20 in Springtime and Spring Green. This will come with some hand cream that is safe to use for needle-workers, a set of clover shuttles in Spring colors, and of course, some delicious dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has anti-oxidants which is good for you. Not to mention that dark chocolate is delicious =) I will have my husband pick a winner when he gets home from class on Thursday evening and I will post the name along with whatever I tat that day. When you leave your comment to enter, please tell me what you plan to tat that day. Do you have a special project planned yet? This is my first time to celebrate this holiday so I am curious to know how you plan to celebrate it. Good luck to all who enter, and feel free to share the info for the give-away with other tatters if you like =)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This & Tat

**Edited to add that these will count as my first six motifs of the 25 motif challenge**

Here is a photo of what I have been up to lately. I finally picked up my shuttles again. I really needed to get some practice in and learn a few more techniques before Shuttlebirds Tatting Days Workshop next month. I am as excited as a five-year-old waiting for Christmas since it will be my very first tatting workshop!

The celtic snails were taught at the January guild meeting. The tatting was the easy part. Weaving the celtic pattern took longer than the tatting but is worth the effort! My first one was tatted in Lizbeth size 20 in Springtime. The second one is Lizbeth size 20 Light Lemon.

The Sweetheart bookmark is tatted in Yarnplayers size 30 Purple Pansy. I lve her threads and have ordered lots and lots of them. Finally I decided to break down and use some!

The purple Octamotif is a Shuttle Brothers pattern and is how I learned SCMR's. I used size 10 cebelia in lavender color 210. I even remembered that I could use the slt to switch shuttles so I could finish it without having to add new thread.

The Ecru Double O Cross is one I started last summer and put away because I "didn't get it". I picked it back up and finished it! The pattern came from the book Tatted Bookmarks - Needle and Shuttle, which I had checked out from the guild library. I just ordered a copy of the book for myself and can't wait for it to arrive! I used Flora HH size 20 color 242.

The medallion is a pattern challenge from the Dec guild newsletter. I used Cebelia size 20 in color 842 mocha. I think that is one of my favorite colors so I must find it in other brands of thread. Yes, I need to weave the ends in, I know.

Last but not least, we have Julie Patterson's Hearts and Flowers Cross Bookmark. I LOVED tatting this pattern and plan to do it again and again. I used Flora HH size 20, color 205 Buttercup - Med. At tatting class last night Patti taught me how to do the spiral chain I added to the bookmark. I really like how it looks!

On a side note, the winner of this month's give-away decided not to accept so I chose another winner. The goodies are on their way to Blu and should arrive very soon.

I have been busy gathering some really cool stuff to give away next month for my blogiversary so keep checking back. I hope to post the first one soon ;)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Give-Away Winner!

Today must be my lucky day because just look at this wonderful gift I received in the mail! It's a tiny Altoid tin filled with pins, and stitched for me by Corinna as a thank you present for the goodies she won in last months blog drawing! I absolutely love it! Thank you so very much =)

Here are two more pairs of slippers I made to send to my sons friends.

I've got my corned beef in the crock pot and am ready to sit down and stitch the day away. I asked dear hubby to choose a number between 1 and 18 and he said, "How about #1 this time. Why not give it to the very first person who left a comment." So, the winner is: Stephanie! Congratulations! I just sent you an email so please answer soon so I can get your package into the mail!

Thanks to all who entered my give-away! I am adding your blogs to my google reader if they weren't already there. Please keep checking back as next month is my blogiversary and I plan to have several give-aways!

Have a great day =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday I received this lovely package from Marie P. !!! We had planned to have a private Easter exchange but I noticed that she had several things going and offered to relieve her of some pressure and she said that would be fine to exchange later. Of course, I hadn't been stitching much because I was waiting for my glasses to come so I was thinking it would help both of us to put off our exchange. Then I received this lovely package from her as a gift! I just can't say thank you enough Marie!!! Your finishing is beautiful! I really love what you stitched for me and the goodies too. I bet you can't even tell that I had already eaten half of that chocolate bar! Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite and I was very much in need of a chocolate binge yesterday =) Thank you so much!!!

Here is my awesome pin keep stitched for me by Staci! I was thrilled to see that she had my name for the pin pillow exchange that BeckySC is hosting. Staci dyed her own fabric and my husband even commented on how nice it looks. I think I may have to give this a try! My pin pillow is filled with crushed walnut shells, which I love! Thank you Staci =)

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do You Feel Lucky?

Here is my give-away for March. A pair of the red scissors, a fat quarter of green material, some green beads, WDW Lucky thread, and a silver clover charm. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post only and if your email is not in your profile, then leave that too so I can contact you. I will have hubby pick a number or draw a name on St. Patrick's Day. Just for kicks, could you please also tell me what your favorite fabric/fabrics are to stitch on? Colors, counts, even weave, linen, brand - Silkweaver, Lakeside Linen, PTP..... Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

This & That

These are the two scarves that I made for the Idaho Special Olympics. The one on the left is knit with Red Heart Gray Heather. The one on the right is crocheted with Red Heart Cherry Red. I really like to make scarves so I pulled out a few more patterns that I had printed out so I can eventually make them.

Above is the Monthly Dishcloth KAL from February 15th. It's called Lacy Vines and I really enjoyed knitting it.

This cloth is the KAL from the Rachels_Knitting_Room yahoo group. It was a cryptic message cloth which is why it looks like it doesn't make any sense. I am usually very good at puzzles but this one I just couldn't get. Turns out it is "Betty Davis Eyes". Well, I think it's just the right size to set our coffee cups on by the coffee pot. I guess Betty will have coffee cup goggles.

I am getting my March give-away together and hope to post it tomorrow so check back. I just need to pick up one or two more things and take a pic so I can post it. It will be a small one because next month is my blogiversary and I plan to have more than one give-away. I almost have everything together for those.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goal Update

Here is a snowman cloth from the Kris Knits January KAL. I used size 5 needles and Sugar 'N Cream Cornflower Blue.

Here is another pattern from Kris Knits. It's called "Be My Dishcloth" and the pattern for this one is a freebie from her web site. I used size 5 needles and Sugar 'N Cream Hot Pink.

This is "Heart Dishcloth" I knitted along with the MonthlyDishcloth yahoo group. They do two KAL's per month so that will really help me achieve my goal! I used size 7 needles and Lion Cotton in Poppy Red.

This one is Frame My Heart With Lace, also from the MonthlyDishcloth group. I used size 7 needles and Sugar 'N Cream Soft Violet.

Here are the five pairs of slippers I have crocheted so far this year. Sorry the picture is so dark. Our weather has been quite gloomy so this will have to suffice. The two pink pairs are in my gift stash and I sent the other three pairs to my son for his friends he is in Tech school with. This is my absolute favorite pattern which can be found here. I have made hundreds of these because they are quick and a great stash buster. I use red heart yarn so they can be washed and dried without being ruined and they wear like iron!

I also have a few small cross stitch finishes but will save those for another day. Maybe when I can get better pictures of them.

Thank you to each person who entered my drawing. I know I don't have a lot of readers but I do appreciate each and every one of you who do take the time to read my blog =) I promise to have another give-away very soon so keep checking back!

Have a great day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Honey, pick a number between 1 and 13"

He said, "10". That means, Corinna you are the lucky winner of my first give-away this year. I am now going to send you an email =)

I will be posting another give-away very soon so keep checking back!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Give-Away #1 of 2010

Here is my first give-away for this year. In the above photo you see four heart charms and one heart button. Three of the charms say "made with love" and there is one each of silver, gold and copper. There is a fat quarter of gorgeous red fabric for finishing (this is the same fabric I bought for finishing items I will make from my "Bits of Blue" chart). The rolled up linen fabrics are mystery fabric bits from my LNS. They are great for small projects like ornaments, floss tags, fobs, etc... A spool of Sulky cotton thread size 12 wt. that lots of stitchers are using for cross stitching, and last but not least a pair of scissors. I found these at Tuesday Morning last Fall and bought, well, lots of them. They were such I good price and so I will be including a pair in each of the give-aways until I run out. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post only and check back on Monday to see if you won! If you do not have your email in your profile, please leave it with your comment so I have a way to contact you if you win. Good luck!

The Kindness of Others

Here are two charts I received from other stitcher's. Last Fall I commented on Corinna's blog about her beautiful finish of "Simply Live". I had wanted that chart for a while. She said that she was done with it and happy to pass it on to me! I was so thrilled! I still need to get the threads for it and will as soon as I finish up a few things I have started.

The "Bits of Blue" chart is one that I traded for. Angela has a hearty wish list of charts and luckily I had one she wanted so I was able to trade with her. I have seen it on a couple of blogs, stitched with the ever popular DMC 115. I am extremely excited to get started on this project! I think I have some Lambswool linen I can use for it and I found the most beautiful red material for the finishing!

Here we have a super awesome package I received from Becky on Saturday! I loved her Valentine box and of course she got it at Hobby Lobby. I am not lucky enough to have one here so she was very kind and picked up a box for me, as well as some DMC 115 and some very pretty Valentine ribbon! What a sweetie she is and I am lucky to have her for a friend =)

I also won these nice tatting shuttles in a drawing on Fox's blog and received them over the weekend. I'm quite excited about these and can't wait to try them out!

Now it's my turn to give back and I am planning to have several drawings over the coming months. There will be a variety of crafty things for cross stitch, tatting, beading, crochet, and knitting. Hopefully a little something for everyone. All the details will be in my next post some come back and post a comment for it to enter my first of several give-aways!
Have a great day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine Exchange

On Wednesday I received an awesome exchange from Sharon. I am really not a good photographer so my photo does not do it justice but just look at this pillow! The fabric is so perfect for this design too! She even made me a matching scissor fob and sent me lots of goodies. I do feel positively spoiled and I love it. Thanks so much Sharon!!! I hope I get a chance to stitch for you some time =)

Here is what I sent to Julianne. I stitched a scissor fob for her. The design is "Monthly Markings, February" from Heart in Hand and is stitched on 32 count Summer Khaki linen with the fibers called for in the pattern. I finished it by hand using Staci's ornament finishing method and I used twisted cord instead of the ribbon. I really enjoyed hand finishing like this and think more of my smalls and ornaments will be finished this way. Thanks goes to Staci for the great tutorial! I also used size 12 perle cotton instead of the floss for back stitching and sewing it together.

Keep checking back for some give-aways I am planning. I hope to post the first one tomorrow =)
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year

Here it is. My first finish of 2010. I am participating in the Monthly Dishcloth KAL and this is the first completed dishcloth of the year. It says "Happy 2010" and was designed by Alli . I have two other dishcloths going at the moment and will share photos when they are finished.

I am skipping the whole New Year's Resolution thing. After all, why set myself up for failure, lol. I had "resolved" not to buy any more yarn. Broke that yesterday. I just can't help myself. Hopefully I will do better at the "goals" I have set for myself for 2010. They are:
  1. To knit an average of one dishcloth per week.
  2. To crochet an average of one pair of slippers each week.
  3. To cross stitch at least one ornament per month.
That will be a good start for now. I plan to use as much stash yarn and supplies as I can. Lord knows I have a ton. I'll record my progress here and make lists in the sidebar as I accomplish things. I have kept my goals light so that I will have time to add in other crafts and projects. Hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year =)


I received this wonderful package from Monique between Christmas and New Year's. She read my blog and saw that I was doing more knitting than anything else and sent me a beautiful knitting needle case along with the needles! These will be perfect for scarf knitting! She also sent me one of her beautiful beaded fobs, a bookmark she made and a calendar. I thought the card was also gorgeous so included it in the photo. Thanks for a wonderful gift, Monique =)