Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ultimate Needlebook

At long last, here it is. Completely finished! This is the Ultimate Needlebook by Judy O'Dell. It was a SAL at my LNS last year. I really loved stitching it and even took the finishing class with hopes of doing it all myself. Talk about overwhelming! I gave it to the shop finisher and she returned it to me last week. I just love how this turned out and it is one of my most favorite things I have ever stitched.

I added the verse from the Just Nan Sampler Winter Blues. I have a piece of the same linen left over that I just might use to stitch the sampler.

Needle page covers closed. I don't know if you can tell but there are a few tiny beads sewn on and in person they look like little tiny snowflakes or ice crystals. Just the effect I wanted!

I added the nun stitch needle pages to the inside and filled it with the John James Ultimate Needle Collection, of course.

I am currently working on a quick piece for the finishing class I am taking on Saturday, and then I will be working on the BBD stockings and another pin cushion challenge pattern from my LNS. Part 4 of Alla Turca will be out this week too and I am really looking forward to stitching on it again.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blackbird Stockings

MINE! All mine =) I am stitching these little pretties all for myself. I didn't think I could love these more than I already do, until I got these first three back from the finisher. They are lined just like a regular stocking so I can add stuff to them for decoration. I don't know what kind of stuff, but who cares. I just have three more to stitch, two from the March leaflet and the one from the JCS Ornament issue, and then I will be caught up. I find I am already very anxious to see what will come next! I am really into Blackbird right now. I have given my collection their own special box, kitted up several designs, and still wish for more, lol! I still need to do the finishing on the Autumn Song Loose Feathers I stitched last year, as well as the retreat projects from last summer. I have a couple other small finishes that I can't show just yet. One of them just might be a give-away for my blogiversary ;)
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

PIF's & SAL's

I have stitched part three of Alla Turca and am really loving it. It will seem like forever for the next part now, lol!

I started the alphabet book some time ago and only stitched the first page before setting it aside. Now our guild has picked it up as a group project and we have a goal to get one page (two letters) done between each meeting. Here is my page for this month. I am using Splendor silks and they are stitched on cream Belfast linen. I purchased all of the kits at my LNS so I have no excuses not to finish it!

Finally, my PIF's are done and sent, except for one person I am still waiting for an address. I am going ahead and posting a photo because the two that were sent have been received and maybe if my third person see's this she will send me her address, lol! If I don't hear something pretty soon then I will have a drawing for it.

I have been working on several things and will post more photos when I get stuff back from my finisher. She has a Blackbird Stocking and a couple of pin cushions and I can hardly wait to see them done. I plan to stitch all of the stockings and stitched another one yesterday. They work up really quickly and are soooo cute!

Have a great day!