Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fair & Square Earth Day Exchange

Wahoo! Look at what I got in the mail today! These are my squares from Daniela B. She also sent some very nice extra goodies - flower seeds, throat drops, a most delicious looking chocolate bar, a beautiful pattern with the thread to make it, and some pretty ribbon! I am so excited! Thank you Daniela!!!
Yesterday was fun! I spent a couple of hours stitching at my LNS, then went to dinner with some of the guild members at a place called Ambrosia Bistro. I had the Butternut Squash Ravioli and it was to die for! I want to have it again soon. There was some great show and tell, and cookies - I LOVE cookies. If you have a local needlework guild, you should check it out. They offer some great classes, group projects, and the chance to make more stitching friends and who doesn't need more stitching friends?!
Have a great day!


staci said...

I found you through Marie's blog.....welcome, welcome, welcome to the stitching blogger's world! My blog is a month old and it has been so much fun and I've 'met' so many great people~~I'm sure you will too!!!

Your stitching is really lovely, I'll be back again :)

Marie-P said...

Butternut squash Ravioli, I would love that! I must check to see if there is a Needlework guild around me.
What a great exchange you received!

eledhwen said...

Dear Paula, I am happy you like the stitching. I am well now, thank you for asking :-) It sounds you have had a wonderful day by your LNS and Co.

Julianne said...


I found your blog through Daniela's blog. I just finished my first round with Fair and Square and I really loved it. Welcome to blogging. I'll be sure to visit your blog again.

Xangles said...

Hi, Paula. I was led to your blog via Marie-P. A warm welcome. I'm also part of the F&s Exchange and really love it.

Anonymous said...

Paula! You started a blog! YAY :)

I'm adding you to my Google reader.

BeckySC said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog :) It's nice to meet you :) I have added you to my reader feed so I can visit when you update :)

Michelle said...

Welcome to blogging!! I found you through Marie's blog..

Have fun with your blog, but leave enough time for stitching!