Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Exchanges and Computer Issues

The above photo is what I sent to Annette W for the Fair & Square 7 exchange. I stitched part of Country Garden from Blackbird Designs for her.
This is the Prairie Schooler pin keep exchange that I received from Maggie. This time we are sending to a different person that we receive from. I have the stitching complete for the one I am sending but still need to put it together.

I currently have three exchanges that I need to do the finishing work on so I can get them sent out. Once they arrive at their destinations, I will have more photos to share with you. I am hoping that my daughter will let me borrow her camera to take to the Blackbird Retreat this coming weekend. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!

I had some serious computer issues this past week. My poor husband, who is a "Just go stitch and I will take care of this and let you know when I am finished" kind of guy, had to help me over the phone to try and figure out the mess. And me, being a, "What does this button do?" kind of gal, really tried his patience. Especially when I told him that after my phone battery died, I just started pressing the F10 key which did a system recovery......he told me to try F8 and it didn't work so I just tried something else (F10). He wasn't happy because he wasn't sure what that would do and couldn't see it himself. Well, you get the picture. He was frustrated, I was frustrated, but the computer is working now and we have a new security system and I am still trying to figure out how to reload the things that disappeared in the process. I will see what I can figure out on my own before I go asking any more questions. Poor guy needs a mental break, lol!
Have a great day!


cathymk said...

Beautiful exchanges (Love the PS pinkeep!). I'm so jealous of you being able to attend the Blackbird retreat - have a great time!!

Marie-P said...

Love what you stitched for Annette.
You really received a great pinkeep from the PS exchange, lucky you~

Let me know all about the blackbird retreat. Where was this held?

Computer problems baffle me. I just signed an extended warranty with Dell for this very reason! They use remote access and fix any problems I encounter, it's great.