Saturday, March 6, 2010

This & That

These are the two scarves that I made for the Idaho Special Olympics. The one on the left is knit with Red Heart Gray Heather. The one on the right is crocheted with Red Heart Cherry Red. I really like to make scarves so I pulled out a few more patterns that I had printed out so I can eventually make them.

Above is the Monthly Dishcloth KAL from February 15th. It's called Lacy Vines and I really enjoyed knitting it.

This cloth is the KAL from the Rachels_Knitting_Room yahoo group. It was a cryptic message cloth which is why it looks like it doesn't make any sense. I am usually very good at puzzles but this one I just couldn't get. Turns out it is "Betty Davis Eyes". Well, I think it's just the right size to set our coffee cups on by the coffee pot. I guess Betty will have coffee cup goggles.

I am getting my March give-away together and hope to post it tomorrow so check back. I just need to pick up one or two more things and take a pic so I can post it. It will be a small one because next month is my blogiversary and I plan to have more than one give-away. I almost have everything together for those.

Have a great day!


corinna said...

all the dish cloths are fun
i think the scarfs are wonderful
and for such a great cause
way to knit and way to be!

Brigitte said...

You were doing some very nice knitting. Love your projects.

Angela said...

I enjoy looking at other people's knitting but for the life of me don't have any patience for it :) Great scarfs :)