Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Books & A Gift

Just look at these beautiful tatted pieces that Jon sent to me! She won my last give-away and sent these as a thank you for what I sent to her. They are truly beautiful and expertly tatted - front side/back side! She has inspired me to try this myself and I will show you pics of my attempts in a future post.

I couldn't wait any longer and had to order Jon's books and some rings to play with! I love the size of the books, very portable. They are well written and have great diagrams. I am really looking forward to tatting with rings too!

Obviously I have been spoiling my self a bit lately. I also ordered this book from Ginny Weathers. It looks like a lot of fun and I think these would make nice gifts too!

I also managed to find a copy of "A Pattern Book of Tatting" and it arrived this past weekend. Can you even imagine how excited I was to find two tatted pieces inside? Needless to say, I was very surprised and thrilled at this wonderful find!

I still have more to post but will do that later. It's lunch time and hubby is on his way home now!
Have a wonderful day =)


God's Kid said...

Hi Paula,
Wow! What a wonderful post! I love the colors!
I hope you enjoy all the neat "spoiling"! I too have done some and will post as soon as I can get new camera batteries.
Have a great time! Sue :)

Fox said...


Finally found your blog! I kept linking to all the other ones you have listed and have given up every time.

Wanted to see the Angeline Travelling Book Adventure banner and it does look lovely on your site. I didn't think anyone would post it and I am delighted you did. Thanks! I LOVE the game of it all.

Nice blog!
♥ Fox : )

N. Maria said...

Lucky you to find those tatted pieces in the book! That is great!
I have just GOT to have some more tatting books!