Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'd LOVE to stitch that!

Here are the projects I have recently started. The top right is my Ultimate Needlebook SAL through my LNS. It started last Fall. I started too, but decided I didn't like my fabric, (too light), so I changed it and started over a couple of weeks ago. The finishing class is in July. Think I'll make it?
Top left - I went to a guild meeting in Idaho because they do a lot of fun stuff and I don't want to miss anything. So I bought the newest SAL they are starting right now. "Love & Wisdom" by Drawn Thread. They will stitch parts of it between meetings, and demonstrate some of the stitches at the meetings so it will be lots of fun to do. Of course, I started it right away. Don't want to get behind on anything else, lol.
Center project in the pink binder - The latest SAL though my LNS. It is a French Sampler and it will officially start next week. I went ahead and picked my fabric and threads. Can you tell I was in the mood for PINK?
Right in front - "P is for Paradise". My LNS owner designed this alphabet and I offered to stitch a couple of letters for her. I really need to get my needle in gear because what you don't see are all of the smaller works in progress that are for all of the awesome exchanges I have signed up for. So far, I am keeping up with those. So far...
About the previously mentioned yardwork. I did it myself. Saved some money AND have a sense of pride in the fact that I have not received any yard tickets. I live on a military base and we have standards, ya know (LOL). My goal is to not get any yard tickets while my husband is gone. Now if I could just figure out why I have a pansy plant blooming in my front lawn and not in the flower bed.
Have a great day!


Marie-P said...

Well good luck to you on having that piece ready by July!
Is there a link to see all of the alphabet designs, I am curious to see the "M"?
Do they really give yard tickets? and is there a fine associated with that...Yikes that is dreadful.

Have a great weekend and please do keep that yard tidy! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be able to finish that piece by July. I am pretty sure you can make it :)

I have a bad case of 'stash buying' and 'startritis' these days. I am forcing myself to finish LHN's 'Nature's Beauty' and then clean my stash cabinet (the recent additions to my stash are all piled on top of it along with other stuff) and then, only then, am I allowed to start 'Miss Mary Mack'

Have a great weekend!

staci said...

I say that ("I'd love to stitch that") everytime I blog read!

tangerinedream73 said...

You said that you went to a guild meeting. What is the name of that guild? Is it EGA?