Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Photos & PIF Update

I saw on the Quaker Inspired blog that my exchange was received all the way in Scotland so here is the picture of what I stitched. It is the Quaker turtle from The Workbasket and I finished it as a cube. I really enjoyed stitching it and hope to stitch the cat, mouse, and a frog some time in the future.

Here is a photo of my first floss ring tag. I used Little House Needleworks new Neighborhood chart which comes with an alphabet that I used to stitch the back piece shown below. Talk about EASY! I know I will be making plenty of these. I have already stitched another one and started gathering charts to stitch more. I used the tutorial on Staci's blog and it was very easy to follow! Maybe it's just me, but I think every stitcher should have a dish of these by their stitching chair just waiting to be kitted up with new projects!
Dani has asked to be my third PIF recipient so now I need to get to work and stitch something lovely for my three. If you are still interested in signing up for one, please check out their blogs. The other two are linked in previous posts.
Have a great day!


Marie-P said...

I love the quaker turtle, nice work. I really wish that I had been in on this exchange, there have been some wonderful stitched pieces on so many blogs.

I see you finished your Floss Fob...perfect! They are so clever, I just love them.

vEr0n!c@ said...

I love the colour you chosed to stitch the turtle in. So bright and cheerful.

Cute floss tag you've made. Thanx for the link to the tutorial. I'll try my hand at it once I find the time...

I recognize the postcard ^.^ Thanx again for the charms.

tkdchick said...

Great job on the exchange. I've got to make me some floss tags!

Michele said...

love that turtle :) I really want to make some floss tags .. soon :)

Mylene said...

Your quaker turtle looks great, i love the colour you used.

Lovely floss ring tag too.

Thanks so much for stoppin by at my blog. Really appreciate it.

staci said...

What a cute turtle, I love it :)

And love your floss tag too...aren't they addictively fun?! Don't you just look at designs now and think floss tag?!

Sherry said...

I love your turtle especially the colors. I'm working on a floss tag also. I just found your blog and was looking at some older post and saw your "Count Your Blessing" needle case. How clever and cute. Can you give me directions or point the way for me? I'm very new to finishing techniques. In the past I framed everything. So I'm trying to branch out. Thank you for your help. Sherry (noahsm@yahoo.com)