Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Okay, I wasn't going to do this but here it is:

I resolve to:
  • Buy more craft stuff than I know what to do with, whether I have the money or not.
  • To always have at least a dozen projects started and still think to myself, "Hmm, what do I want to work on next?"
  • Not finish cleaning out the garage, unless for some reason we have to move and then it will get done anyway. Not clean, but moved to another location. But that would make THIS garage clean, right?
  • Keep my guest room a total mess until the night before someone comes to visit. Then I will relocate as much crap as I can to another location until the guests leave. Then put everything back on the floor, the bed and where ever else I can - right back where it really belongs.
  • Keep good food in the fridge and still eat out whenever possible.
  • Spend too much money on coffee from Starbucks.
  • Not give a crap what anybody else thinks about what I say or do.
  • Stay up way too late as often as possible and sleep in late like the bum that I am.
  • To post on this blog whenever I feel like it and not because I feel like I HAVE to.
I figured that this year I may as well make some resolutions I could stick with.

***This list is subject to change at any time due to my mood, personal feelings, lack of sleep, or just cause I darn well feel like it.



Marie-P said...

I love this post!!! Thanks for making me laugh.

Happy New Year my friend!

Sandra said...

I love your list Paula!!! I think I might be your resolution buddy lol

HAppy New Year!!!

Mama Joan said...

Those are resolutions even I can live with!!!!

Happy New Year

staci said...

I LOVE your resolutions!!! Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

*excellent* resolutions!

Kendra said...

Now these are the kind of resolutions that we should all be making...LOL!

Happy 2009!

Coni said...

Bravo! I hereby declare that you are my resolution inspiration for 2009! WooHoo! Off to Starbucks....

stitcherw said...

Awesome resolutions, the type that are totally keepable. :)

Jean said...

You are my HERO!! I need you as a friend - you already understand me and my life!! You brought a smile to me now when I am MAKING SUPPER!!! I don't know how I didn't suggest going out to eat - momentary lapse of sanity.

SGVChicago said...

Well done, my dear. Well done. Be your own woman!