Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick Post!

Sorry I have not been around much lately. I am so far behind on reading blogs, too! My husband is here until mid December and my son and his girlfriend were here for a week and I have been busy cooking, cleaning and visiting! We made a short trip to visit hubby's mom and time is just flying by too quickly. I have started to update my photo albums a little. One album is just my Fair & Square exchanges, one is all other exchanges and now I have one just for my beaded things. I am still loving the beaded stuff and I think that is what everyone will get for Christmas this year. Yep, even the guys! I found these really cool secret compartment key chains to make for them, and am working on bracelet and earring sets for the ladies. I will post pictures of some of those after hubby leaves. Until then, I have posted the other bracelets I have made in the album so you can look there if you like. Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas!
Have a great day!


Pike said...

Happy holidays!

Marie-P said...

Stopped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Craft-i-leigh said...

Well I can see that you're very busy, but I thought I'd ask a question. If you find the time that's great, if not no problem at all.
I'm very new to the stitchin world and I'm still working with Aida. My dear friend, (My Cross Stitch Mentor) thinks I'm ready to graduate from Aida. What type of fabric do you prefer and why? Brand, count?