Thursday, March 12, 2009

PIF's & SAL's

I have stitched part three of Alla Turca and am really loving it. It will seem like forever for the next part now, lol!

I started the alphabet book some time ago and only stitched the first page before setting it aside. Now our guild has picked it up as a group project and we have a goal to get one page (two letters) done between each meeting. Here is my page for this month. I am using Splendor silks and they are stitched on cream Belfast linen. I purchased all of the kits at my LNS so I have no excuses not to finish it!

Finally, my PIF's are done and sent, except for one person I am still waiting for an address. I am going ahead and posting a photo because the two that were sent have been received and maybe if my third person see's this she will send me her address, lol! If I don't hear something pretty soon then I will have a drawing for it.

I have been working on several things and will post more photos when I get stuff back from my finisher. She has a Blackbird Stocking and a couple of pin cushions and I can hardly wait to see them done. I plan to stitch all of the stockings and stitched another one yesterday. They work up really quickly and are soooo cute!

Have a great day!


DJ said...

Hi Paula! Lovely work on your Alla Turca and Alphabet book, is each letter a different stitch? You are an amazing stitcher! *Hugs* DJ

Miss 376 said...

Alla Turca looks great. I've finally printed part three, so should get it done this weekend. The alphabet book is looking good too

Milly~ said...

Your Alla Turca looks great. Love your color choice.

Siobhan said...

Your Alla Turca looks great! Love the alphabet book, too.

Marie-P said...

Someday I too would like to stitch that Alphabet Book, your blocks look super.
I was just at a LNS and saw the BBD Stocking, it is awesome ~ more designs to add to my "to do" list! Can't wait to see yours.
I have been so out of touch lately but I will email you a note soon. Hope all is well ~ :D

Anonymous said...

Your Alla Turca looks great! I love the blocks in your alphabet book. Is each one a different stitch all the way through the alphabet? If so, WOW!