Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Knitting Along

I am such a dork! I can never figure out what order my photos are going to show up on this so that I can write about them in the order I made stuff! Anyhow, the bottom photo is a baby gift that I knit for a nice little gal that works at the club here on the base. The patterns are Baby Diamonds hat and car seat blanket from the Fall issue of Creative Knitting and the dreambaby booties are a freebie found here. I started with four skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and it made this set plus the Garter Cuff Beanie in the photo at the top.

Next we have last weeks dishcloth knitting. The light purple cloth is a freebie found here. The scarecrow coaster I knit (middle of next photo) is a pattern from a set by the same designer. I love her patterns and plan to collect them all! The orange, pink, yellow variegated cloth is the standard grandmothers favorite dishcloth and the tree is from the monthly dishcloth group I joined a couple of weeks ago.

I am on a serious knitting binge so there will be lots of knitted and crocheted gifts this year. I have tons of yarn (not counting what I bought today, and last week, oh it's an illness I tell you!) I plan to try using up as much as I can while I feel like playing with it, (and randomly buying more even though I don't need it cause I can't help myself). Have you started to make your list, check it twice, etc? This is the fun part for me. What are you making for Christmas?

Have a great day =)


staci said...

Wonderful knitting Paula! By the way, Michael's has Patons Wool on sale 2/$5, tomorrow's the last day :)

The most recently added pic always loads at the top of the post. If you want to move your pics but keep them clickable, you can do it on the "edit HTML" page. Just hightlight your pic, right click and "cut" and then "paste" where you want it to go.

Brigitte said...

You've been on the roll, Paula. I love the dish cloths showing all those different patterns, they look so cute.

Marie-P said...

Lovely new Knits! You are always such a good sharer, posting the links is always so helpful ~ now if only I knitted. :O

N. Maria said...

Love the beanie and absolutely LOVE the light colored and very detailed dish cloth!!