Monday, August 18, 2008

Some like it hot........I DO NOT!!!

Here is a long overdue photo of the latest Fair & Square Exchange. The squares above are from Dani and below is what I stitched for her.

We've had too many hot days in a row here. Yesterday it was 103* which is the hottest day in ten years. It was made even more special for me by the fact that my fridge was dead when I woke up. Had to throw everything out, but at least they brought me a new one. By the way, new in the military doesn't mean "brand new", it means "another one", which is fine because it is newer than the one I had and pretty nice too. Especially since this little incident didn't cost us anything. The very nice man who brought it also noticed that there is a huge wasp nest over the doorway so the exterminator is coming tomorrow to take care of that. I guess I didn't notice it because if I was looking up that far as I walked up the stairs, I would probably trip and fall. He is much taller than I and he looked up to make sure he didn't hit it with the fridge. I am so glad we live on base and they take care of stuff like that for us!!!

I am having a tough time uploading all of my photos so I am going to start another post and see what happens.
Have a great day!

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