Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer Quaker & Update

Above is a photo of what I sent to Becky. It was my first tin finish and now that I know they aren't as difficult as I thought, I will definitely be making more of these! Her photos look better than mine so I will refer you to her blog to see the inside of the tin and the matching fob. This really was a fun stitch. The pattern is Quaker Flowers by Samplers & Such. Instead of using the Altoids tin, I used the Hershey tin with the purple lid. It matched the stitching perfectly. Now that I see you can also put magnet in the lid, I will try to do that next time. Just have to figure out how, so if anyone who is reading knows and can tell me, that would be great!

Here is the exchange I received from Margaret C. She stitched a beautiful biscornu for me in the prettiest Dinky Dyes silk, coral seas. She also sent along a very generous package of goodies. I am truly overwhelmed at her generosity. Two charts from my wish list, a huge piece of Lakeside Linen in a gorgeous pink color called Chantilly Cream, and some really pretty buttons, floss holders, and a handmade card! I used to make all my cards but it has been a while since that craft has seen the light of day, lol!

I received an exciting phone call the other day. A spot opened up for me to attend a stitching retreat next month. I am so excited I can hardly wait to go! It is one where you just bring what you want to work on and spend the weekend in a beautiful place with other stitchers and just have a great time. Sounds like heaven =) I have been collecting lots of ornament patterns, fabrics and threads so that may be what I take with me. There are so many I want to stitch and I am really in the mood to stitch Fall and Christmas projects right now. As soon as I finish this post I plan to stitch the Prairie Schooler Halloween ornament from the latest issue of Just Cross Stitch. I picked out the fabric and threads last night! My order with all their new charts arrived on Tuesday so I am wishing again that I could stitch 24/7!!! Don't we all?

I have some other things to show you but I decided that instead of posting it all at one time, I would try to post more frequently. I received my Fair & Square round 8 but will wait until Danica has received her squares from me to post about those. I have a couple of other finishes I will be sharing in the near future too so keep checking in to see what's new!
Have a great day!


Marie-P said...

You did such a nice job on your tin. You can purchase thin magnet sheets (I will look to see if I have some and send them)and cut the magnet to fit the inside cover. The magnet sheet has a sticky back, just peel and stick.
What a great exchange you received!
Lucky you to be attending that stitching retreat.

april said...

Love your tin. You did a wonderful job. How lucky for you to attend a stitching retreat. Please let us know how much fun it is.