Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bead Classes and My Lucky Win!

Here are some of my latest beading pieces. Yes, I know there is only one earring. I am going to make the other one in a few minutes =) Isn't it cool? I also finally finished the candy corn bracelet. Just in time for next year! I have a patriotic one in the works and will show it as soon as it is finished. I took another class yesterday and that is where I made the earring and started another bracelet. It is really neat and I can't wait to get more done on it so I can show a progress photo. I never thought I would end up making jewelry. Really. Heck, I might even start wearing it too! I have so many ideas for things I want to make that I think this phase will probably last a while. We'll see. I am taking an ornament class tonight!!!

Here is my lucky win! Staci had a blog drawing last week and I received my gift on Monday. I could not post sooner because I ended up having to go to the dentist for an emergency visit. I just love surface embroidery and am so pleased to have a piece from Staci. That reminds me, I know I have some patterns for that around here somewhere. Thank you so much Staci!!!

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Irene said...

Congratulations on winning Staci's draw, nice ornament. Your bracelet and earring are very nice.