Monday, September 15, 2008

"Back to School, Back to Basics"

That was the theme of the retreat! All of our goodies and the optional project fit right along with this theme too, as you can see from these photos. The first thing we received was a brown bag lunch with apple bread (made by our very talented president) and chips, caramel sauce, and the pumpkin pin cushion. Then throughout the retreat there were little present left at our seats and I think everything is shown in the photo above.

The optional project was an apple needle book and scissor case. That was such fun to make! On Saturday morning we received a kit with all of the supplies needed to make it and were promised a surprise when we finished. As each person finished, they were taken aside and given the surprise which was the scissors for the case. Neat! We had a choice of red or green and I chose green.

Here is a photo of the inside. On the top piece is the flower with the needle threader attached and the threader is slipped into the square pocket below. I attached the fob from our goodies to my scissors. And you can see that inside the little apple shaped needle book is the gold needle that was also included in the kit. Everyone who made the project finished and received their scissors!

The retreat was held at Ross Point which is a beautiful area. I completely forgot to take photos so I am buying a disc from one of the ladies who was there and then I will be able to post more photos. It was loads of fun and I can hardly wait for next years retreat!!!
Have a great day!


staci said...

Your apple needle case is adorable! Sounds like a really fun retreat :)

Irene said...

What a nice needle case. Sounds like a fun time.