Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ornaments, Exchanges, & "Let's Stitch"

I am finally getting around to making myself do some finishing work. I think the exchanges really help because it forces me to try new techniques and to get things done because I HAVE to get them into the mail. Now, above you see one Halloween ornament and one Christmas ornament. There is one more Christmas ornament that I finished but it is in the mail ;)

I heard from Joan that she received the HOE Prairie Schooler exchange from me. I stitched the "stick it here" freebie and made it into a pin keep for her. It was a fun stitch and I am sure that I will stitch it again!

Now, for the goal setting part of this message. I have joined up with Becky at her "Let's Stitch" blog and am looking forward to being motivated to work on my UFO's and stash collection. I am just getting started on the organization of the kitted up projects. Here is my pink plastic tote filled with my needlework smalls projects (the ones I have found so far, that is).
  • A Secret Garden Needlework Necessary (from a class I took long ago)
  • Just Nan - Common Ground Accessories
  • Just Nan - Miss Kitty's Dragons Needle case
  • Just Nan - Octagonal Peacock Pocket
  • Just Nan - Dragonfly Scissor Purse
  • Ewe & Eye & Friends - Big Heart Paperweight (mine will be a pin cushion)
  • Ewe & Eye & Friends - St. Nick Scissor Companion
  • Ewe & Eye & Friends - Polka Dot Scissor Companion
  • Heartland Needleworks - Rosey Tote, scissor sheath, needle case & biscornu set
  • From the Heart - Sewing Pocket and Pocket Smalls
  • Periwinkle Promises - "United We Stand" Sampler Accent
  • Periwinkle Promises - "Hope" Sampler Accent
  • Shepherd's Bush - Tiny Flag
  • Shepherd's Bush - Shepherd's Scissor Fob
  • Shepherd's Bush - Shepherd's Roll
  • Shepherd's Bush - Shepherd's Purse
  • Shepherd's Bush - Stitcher's Roll
  • Shepherd's Bush - Snow Fall Roll
  • Shepherd's Bush - Millennium Roll (yep, I'm embarrassed that this is not done)
  • Shepherd's Bush - Glory Fob
  • Shepherd's Bush - Christmas Treat Bag
  • LHN - Wool Needlebook and Scissor Fob
  • LHN - Schoolgirl Samplings - make a fob from pattern
  • With My Needle - smalls from JCS Ornament Issues 2003-06
Next week I will purchase a couple more containers for organizing more of the stash. I plan to have one container for samplers, one (I hope just one) of the miscellaneous kits I have, one for UFO's, and we'll see what other categories I think of. I am really excited about this!!!

I mailed out a few more exchanges today and when they arrive, I will post their photos. I think I am comfortably caught up with this now. Just need to do one more finishing on something so I can mail it out this week.

Have a great day!


Dawn B. said...

Love the ornaments and you have some nice project's planed.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Wow, that is quite a list! I've joined the Let's Stitch blog as well. It's gonna be fun. Haven't actually gone through my stash yet though. Gotta do it within the week... I hope.

Margit said...

You did some beautiful ornaments! ...and you have a lot planned! Sounds all very nice to me.

Annie said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Here are the links for the instructions to make the ghost and bat crocheted appliques:



Love all the nice stitching you have here.

Michele said...

what great finishing on your ornaments!

and you exchange is delightful! love the pinkeep :)