Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Exchanges and this weeks drawing!

Look at the wonderful package I received from Carol for the HOE Prairie Schooler Exchange!!! I love the mattress pin cushion she stitched for me! It is a freebie design that I have stitched a couple of time because I like it so much, but still hadn't stitched it for myself. I love it, and now I might try making a mattress pin cushion since I have a great example to follow! I think that lovely piece of silkweaver fabric is calling for a Haunted House design. Love it!

My appologies to Susan for not having posted this sooner. This is the adorable LK ornament exchange I received over a week ago. I am going to have such a nice tree this year with all my F&S exchange squares and all the other exchange pieces I have received. I just need to get into gear and do the finishing on some.

Don't forget to post to last weeks (Friday's) Halloween post to be entered into the drawing, which will be held tonight. I will post the winner tomorrow!!!
Have a great day!


Carol said...

You are very welcome Paula - it was my pleasure to stitch for you this time around ;-)

Pike said...

Great exchanges, Paula!
Thanks for visiting my blog; you made it!!! The comment can be seen.

I have already entered your drawing and will keep my fingers crossed (in my sleep; it's 11.45pm and i'm going to bed...) for that kitty thing. Even though I don't like cats so much... but I do like halloween!!!

staci said...

Congrats on receiving such lovely exchanges :)

Sandra said...

What a cute little ornie! And the squares are beautiful!


Andrea said...

You have received some wonderful echanges and gifts over the past weeks.

Dawn B. said...

That's a cute design and a cute finish.